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Atlantic Ambassador SL, or a third party contracted to provide audience measurement services, may use cookies when an internet user browses its WEBSITE pages and sites. Cookies are files sent to a browser by a web server in order to record the activities of a user on the WEBSITE. Cookies used by Atlantic Ambassador SL or the third party acting on their behalf, are only associated with an anonymous user and his/her computer and do not provide any personal information about the user.

When a user allows reception he/she can discover the server using cookies by consulting the instructions of use on their browser.

Thanks to cookies, it is possible for the server of Atlantic Ambassador SL or the third party acting on their behalf, to recognize the browser of the computer used by the server with the aim of making browsing easier, by allowing, for example, users who have signed up previously to access the areas, services or promotions reserved exclusively for them without having to sign up on each visit. They are also used to measure audience and traffic parameters, and monitor progress and the number of entries. Users can configure their browsers to notify them of the reception of cookies and, when desired, prevent their installation on their hard disk. Please consult the instructions or handbooks for your browser to obtain further information on the subject

To use the WEBSITE , the user does not have to permit the installation of cookies sent by Atlantic Ambassador SL or the third party acting on their behalf in order to use the Service, notwithstanding that it is necessary that the user log in to each of the services that requires prior registration or login. Likewise, Atlantic Ambassador SL web servers automatically detect the IP address and domain name used by the server. All of this information is registered in an activity file of the server, which then permits data processing with the objective of obtaining statistics to measure page impressions, the number of visits made to web services etc.

The table of cookies used by the web portal, assigns them an intrusiveness level on a scale of one to three (from less to more), according to the following scale: Level 1: cookies for internal use indispensable for providing the service itself or inherent to the service provided (in accordance with Community legislation in national Spanish regulations, said cookies are exempt from obtaining consent). In accordance with Royal Decree13/2012, 30 March, the users consent is not required for cookie storage or access when it is of a technical nature, with the sole purpose of facilitating the transmission of communication through an electronic communication network or as strictly necessary, for providing information society services as expressly requested by the recipient. Level 2: third party cookies in the framework of services expressly requested by the user on their websites (e.g. Facebook or Twitter). Level 3: other cookies which are subject to the user’s prior permission by means of express confirmation of acceptance.

The user can extend origin restrictions, refusing any type of cookie, or eliminate said restrictions, accepting any type of cookie. If the user has voluntarily modified browser settings to allow advertising or third party cookies, said action will mean that you give consent for your data to be processed for advertising purposes.

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